The Pooksoft DataVisualizationKit is born!

A vision for the future

The iPad is an incredible device. My iPadPro 12.9 goes with me everywhere. Since the introduction of the iPad 1 in April 2010, I have believed that someday an iPad will replace my MacBook Pro in the classroom, and for many of the routine simulation and data visualization tasks that I do throughout the day. All day everyday I'm forever plotting one thing or another. However, when I searched the AppStore for a solution that could replace the custom Python scripts that I write against Matplotlib, I was disappointed. Toward this critical unmet need, the Pooksoft DataVisualizationKit was born.

What is DataVisualizationKit

The DataVisualizationKit library is a port of Matplotlib functionality into the Swift programming language. Matplotlib, originally developed by J.D Hunter 2007,  is a great Python library for data visualization. However, there is not an equivalent in the iOS-verse that I could use to make all the super cool applications that I want to make. So when I asked myself why make a Swift version of this library, the answer was simple, I want awesome data visualization on my iPhone and iPad! 

In the subsequent blog posts, I'll walk through DataVisualizationKit, including engineering/visualizations questions, data input/output issues  and how I solved them. So if your interested in data visualization, super cool Swift code, or the process involved with making and releasing a custom framework for iOS, follow along. 

Check out the DataVisualizationKit project page on GitHub. DataVisualizationKit is an open source framework, available under a MIT software license. Go crazy with it!